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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Johnny (2003) - Pawan Kalyan

Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai
Director : Pawan Kalyan
Music : Ramana Gogula
Year : 2003

Track list of Johnny - Pawan Kalyan Songs Here :

01. Cool and lovely
(Hit track)

02. Dharmardha kamamulalona

03. Dojo music beat

04. Ee chota nuvvunna
(Hit track, My fav)

05. Ee reyi tiyanidhi
(Hit track, My fav)

06. Go jhonny
(Hit track)

07. Naalo nuvvuvokasagamai

08. Naaraju gakura

09. Nuvvu sara tagute

10. Ravoyi maa country ki

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